FurryMUCK SM Character Registration

When you send a new character request to us, you will need to include:
  - the name that you want (up to 16 characters and without spaces)
    (we recommend not choosing an obviously copyrighted or trademarked name)
  - your password (also a single word that can be changed by you later)
  - your email address
Where possible, try to insure that an email request is in plain-text format:
Sending email in HTML format becomes difficult to read on anything but a 
graphics-based mail reader and also sends a lot of unnecessary data. 
Where possible, check your mail program to insure that it is set to text-only
(or text and HTML) format. It will expedite the character creation process.
Postal requests must also include:
  - your real name
  - your postal address for return communication (where necessary)
  - a contact email address (this may be any address of your chosing)

Your request should be e-mailed to join@furrymuck.com. Postal requests should be mailed to the address below:

   FM Registration
   P.O. Box 24523
   Huber Heights OH 45424
You may also attach adult registration information; see section 7.1.1.  This
information is optional but may be used to help confirm your identity should
you ever forget your password.  Snail-mail requests including adult
registration information should also include a copy of photo-ID.
We don't e-mail back your password.  Please write it down first.
If you have any questions about the new character creation process, please
send e-mail to join@furrymuck.com.
Requests usually take 24 hours to process during the week, and if on
a weekend, till Monday.

If you wish adult status at the time of character creation, include the 
following information with the request:
  - Your complete real name (no initials or nick names)
  - Your date of birth in the MM/DD/YY format
  - Your state of residence if in the United States of America or your country 
of residence
Note postal requests must include a photocopy of an offical photoID such as 
a driver's license for adult status.

Join  join@furrymuck.com

Sample character request

Character name - Jambles
Password       - mypassword
email address  - myname@domain.com

Sample character request with adult status

Character name - Jambles
Password       - mypassword
Real name      - My Name
email address  - myname@domain.com
Date of birth  - 06/31/80    <-- note format MM/DD/YY
Age            - 23
Residence      - USA, My state    <-- Note if residence of USA
Residence      - My Country       <-- Note if not residence of USA


Feedback: Please send your message to The Webmaster.webmaster@furrymuck.com

                                                                                Date: Feb. 20, 2012