FurryMUCK SM News Index


1.0 Welcome to FurryMUCK SM
1.1 Table of Contents
1.2 The Ten Commandments of FurryMUCK SM
1.3 The FurryMUCK SM Covenant
1.3.1 Article 1
1.3.2 Article 2
2.0 Legalities
2.1 Acceptable Usage Policy
2.2 Lawsuits and Subpoenas.
2.2.1 So and so has done something wrong!  I want to sue FurryMUCK SM for
      letting it happen!
2.2.2 What if I want to subpoena logs for evidence?
2.2.3 So what?  I'm in the legal and moral right to do it.
2.2.4 All right, but what can be done?  It seems like nothing's
2.2.5 So and so said that they did or do something that is a RL felony!
      They should be kicked off!
2.3 Copyrighted or Trademarked Characters
2.4 Intellectual Property & Copyrights
2.4.1 Individual character and belonging copyrights
2.4.2 Programs
2.4.3 Publicly Accessable Areas
2.4.4 Donation of Programs, Areas, and Property
2.4.5 The Server
3.0 Behavior in Public
3.1 What is a public area?
3.2 PG-13 Guidelines
3.2.1 The full PG-13 Guidelines
3.3 Adult Behavior Policy
3.3.1 Adult Status
3.3.2 Registering for Adult Status
3.3.3 Management of Adult Areas
3.3.4 Disclaimer concerning Adult Behavior and Areas
3.3.5 Prohibited Activities concerning Adult Behavior and Areas
3.4 Offensive Behavior or 'Disturbance of the Peace'
3.5 Privately Owned Public Areas
4.0 Behavior between Players
4.1 Harassment
4.2 Threats
4.3 No Contact Orders
4.3.1 Restrictions on direct contact
4.3.2 Restrictions on indirect contact
4.3.3 What happens when two no-contactees show up in the same place
4.3.4 Restrictions on alternate characters and puppets
4.3.5 Duration of a no-contact order
4.3.6 Handling of violation of a no-contact
4.3.7 Additional caveats on no-contact orders
4.4 Zombie and Puppet Actions
4.5 Other ways to nark off players
5.0 Building and Other Limits
5.1 Quotas
5.2 Multiple character limit
5.3 Care and Feeding of Zombies and Pets
5.3.1 Limits on Zombies
5.3.2 Building a Zombie
5.3.3 Zombie Administrivia
5.4 Idle Purge
5.5 The Bandstand Purge
5.6 Sharing and Giving Away Characters
5.7 Anti-Idle-Out Programs
5.7.1 Reasons for Prohibiting Anti-Idle-Out Programs
6.0 Programming
6.1 How can I be a MUCKER?
6.1.1 M1 - Apprentice.
6.1.2 M2 - Journeyman.
6.1.3 M3 - Master.
6.1.4 M4 (W) - Wizard.
6.1.5 MUCKER levels on programs
6.2 What does a MUCKER do?
6.2.1 Getting started with MUF
6.2.2 Tips and tools of the trade
6.2.3 Programming for the public
6.3 What if I just want to use MPI?
6.4 What are the rules of programming?
6.4.1 Privacy
6.4.2 Respect for Other Players
6.4.3 Respect for the MUCK and its theme Geographic Continuity Money Idling Timequeue
6.5 Are there any programming style guidelines?
6.6 Intellectual property and programs
6.7 Oops, I broke a rule!  What happens now?
6.8 History of the MUCKER policy
7.0 Procedures
7.1 Getting a New Character
7.1.1 Registering for adult access with your new character
7.1.2 Restrictions and Notes on Registration
7.1.3 Getting started with your new character
7.1.4 Character Registration from Personal Domains
7.2 Toading - Leaving the Game - Recycling your character
7.3 Transferring your character to another player
7.4 Forgot your password?
7.5 How do I contact the wizards?
8.0 Policy of Administration
8.1 Basic Principles of FurryMUCK SM
8.1.1 This is a game
8.1.2 We live in the United States
8.1.3 We respect our users' privacy
8.2 The role of wizards and helpstaff
8.2.1 Helpstaff
8.2.2 Wizards A Listing of Wizards Explanation of Wizard Duties
8.3 Warnings, Banishment, Temporary and Permanent Suspension
8.3.1 Warnings
8.3.2 Banishments
8.3.3 Suspensions
8.3.4 Probation
8.4 Policies regarding suspended players
8.4.1 Suspended players sneaking on
8.4.2 People helping suspended players sneak on
8.5 Logging
8.5.1 Full Logging Policy
8.6 I have a complaint about how the wizards handled something...
8.7 I have a complaint about...
8.8 I have a suggestion...
9.0 Miscellany
9.1 An Incomplete Glossary of MUCK Terminology
9.2 Index to the Policies
9.3 Connecting to FurryMUCK SM - Port Listing

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