FurryMUCK SM Privacy Statement

We do not automatically collect any personal information at this site. We respect your privacy. Some statistical information is collected by the web server software such as date, time, IP address, browser type, and simular data. This data is not used to find out personal information on visitors to this site.

FurryMUCK SM is a game and in order to have a character (an account on the game) certain information is provided voluntarily by the person requesting the character. The amount in information is determined by the person requesting the character. And that person determines if they desire adult status and to provide that information. Please see the section on character registration for details on the information collected.

The purpose of the information collected by the character requests is to administer the game and to maintain its security. This is simular to maintaining user accounts on a computer system. This information is only available to the administrators (wizards) of the game.

FurryMUCK SM does not sell, rent, give, loan, share, trade, publish, or lease any personal information collected at our site or provided to us as part of a character request. The only exception is in the unlikely event we receive an offical court order to provide the information to an officer of the court. Information will be provided to the officer of the court in accordance with that order.


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Date: Feb. 20, 2012