FurryMUCK SM Information

Table of Contents

Section  Title                  Points of Interest
  1.0    Welcome to FurryMUCK   The Ten Commandments, the Covenant
  2.0    Legalities             The Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP), copyrights,
                                intellectual property, lawsuits and subpoenas
  3.0    Public Behavior        The PG-13 policy, policies on adult behavior,
                                privately-owned public areas, offensiveness
  4.0    Player Relations       Threats, harassments, and no-contact policies
  5.0    Building and           Building limits, character limits, rules about
         Other Limits           zombies/puppets and giving/sharing characters
  6.0    Programming            How to become a MUCKER, rules and limits on
                                MUF and MPI, programming guidelines
  7.0    Procedures             How to create a new character, register for
                                adult status, get @toaded, etc.
  8.0    Administrivia          What are wizards and helpstaff, how to become
                                one, who are the current wizards
  9.0    Miscellany             Index, glossary

   *     Changes                The latest changes to the policies
   *     Editorials             Articles on current issues of FurryMUCK SM

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Date: Feb. 20, 2012