FurryMUCK SM Common Globals Actions

A listing of the common globals actions available on FurryMUCK SM. These globals actions are ones available through all areas of FurryMUCK SM. Some areas have other global actions that are not on this list. In deed, some areas will literally have hundreds of global actions that are not on this list. The are used as part of the role playing in those areas.

Complete Globals Listing
Global     Description                                      Help Info
.          set up a private talk session to another player  . #help
3who       as "WHO", but formatted in 3 columns             look 3who
@Archive   to make archives of constructed areas            @archive =help
@Backlink  make an exit back to current location            look @backlink
@Bootme    boots off duplicate character connections        look @bootme
@Breaklink remove unwanted links to your character/property @breaklink #help
@Bulletin  show messages of general importance              (none)
@Image     Shows where to find a .gif of character on 'net. @image #help
@Mpi       test MPI strings                                 look @mpi
@Quota     shows your building quotas and totals            (none)
@Recycle!  recycle an item or room remotely by dbref #      (none)
@Relink    unlinks, attempts to relink action/room          look @relink
@Size      "@size {item}" calculates memory taken up        (none)
@Sizeall   calculates your entire memory usage              (none)
@Unparent  set parent of room to default (#0)               look @unparent
Antivirus  for detecting "viruses"                          antivirus #help
AutoSweep  send your character home when disconnected       as
Banish     to keep out pesky players                        banish #help
Change     make small changes to messages/properties        change
Commands   shows locally-available "globals"                commands #help
Contents   show contents of a room                          look contents
Doing      set "doing" prop / see what others are doing     do #help
Eat        eat or drink "food" or beverages                 eat #help
Edit       edit messages/properties (needs TinyFugue)       edit
Editaction utility to aid in editing actions                editaction #help
Editroom   utility to aid in editing rooms                  editroom #help
Exits      show the exits from a room                       exits #help
Globals    lists actions available MUCK-wide                globals #help
Goband     global exit shortcut to Under the Bandstand      (none)
Gohome     global exit shortcut to your home                (none)
Hand       hand an object to someone                        hand #help
Helpstaff  shows helpstaff members online                   staff #help
Hug        hug something or someone                         hug
List       displays a list of properties                    look list
Lookat     look at objects people are carrying              lookat #help
Lsedit     edit a list of properties                        look lsedit
Map        shows a map of area and your position            map #help
Meet       Summon furry to meet you, or go to join them     (none)
Morph      (Poly)morph into different forms                 morph #help
Mpi-macros Lists the docs for globally-installed MPI macros mpi-macros
Muckers    shows programmers online                         (none)
Mumble     garbled "whisper" for roleplaying                look mumble
Navigate   shows path to destination in certain areas       nav #help
Nexus      global exit shortcut to Underground Nexus        (none)
Page       send messages to players wherever they are       page #help
Pet        allows creation of a "pet" to follow you         pet #help
Pinfo      IC/OOC player/character information              pinfo #help
Pose       action message                                   look pose
Programs   lists publicly usable programs                   programs #help
Propcp     copy properties from one object to another       propcp #help
Propmv     move properties from one object to another       propmv #help
Pupcheck   detects any puppets in area                      pupcheck #help
Pwho       allows you to maintain a personal "WHO" listing  pwho #help
Ride       for riding other characters to other rooms       ride #help
Roll       to "roll dice" for online gaming                 look roll
Run        moves between several rooms quickly              look run
Say        say something                                    sayhelp
Show       display properties/messages on an object         show @help
Smell      smell something or someone                       smell #help
Spoof      anonymous messages for special effects           spoof #help
Sweep      send sleeping characters home                    sweep #help
Taxi       take the taxi to various locations               (none)
Think      send customized messages to players in same room think
Throw      throw something to someone                       throw #help
Tport      Teleport to various destinations or set your own tport
Watchfor   notifies you when a player logs on/off           watchfor #help
Whatis     special information utility                      whatis #help
WhenGraph  Displays connection information for the muck.    wg #help
WhereAre   See players located in certain popular rooms     wa #help
Whereis    shows locations of players specified             whereis #help
Whisper    send messages to players in same room            whisper #help
Who        show awake and sleeping players in the same room (none)
Whodo      "WHO" listing with "doing" entries               wd #help
Whospe     shows the species and gender of players in room  ws #help
Wizzes     shows Wizards online                             (none)

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