FurryMUCK SM How to Find a Home

Once you get tired of living under the bandstand, the next thing to do is to find a home. One of the best reasons for finding a home is the "bandstand purge". About every 30 days, the under the bandstand purge is run. Characters who still have their home under the bandstand after 30 days are given a warning and then next time they are purged.

In the following instructions, the commands you need to do are shown in caps. You do not have to use caps to do these commands.

So the question is "How do I find a home?" And the answer is explore and find a place to build. And to help you find areas to build there is a command you can use, VACANCIES . To get to where you use this command, go to the West Corner of the Park and do the command AROUND . This will take you behind the bulletin board. Then do the command VACANCIES . You will see this:

Usage: 'vacancies ' where the number is taken from one of the
  following keywords or regions:
 1) Apartments           10) Islands           19) Savannah
 2) Businesses           11) Lakes             20) Spaceships
 3) Castles              12) Military          21) Suburbs
 4) Caves & Caverns      13) Mountains         22) Stables
 5) Demonic              14) Outer Space       23) Trees
 6) Futuristic           15) Pastoral          24) Tropical
 7) Forests              16) Rivers            25) Underground
 8) Gothic               17) Seaside           26) Underwater
 9) Inns & Hostels       18) Skies             27) Waterfalls
 28) Acme Acres          34) Misc Region       40) Wolf Run Road
 29) Central Furry       35) Floating Island   41) Pounce's River
 30) Drachenswald        36) Savannah          42) Riss' Run
 31) Sky Rooms           37) Southern Desert   43) Vehicles
 32) Granite Peak        38) Space 
 33) Forest Preserve     39) Silverwater
To add a new room, use 'vacancies #add' and follow the prompts.

Then you can pick a type of area or a region. For this example, the command will be vacancies 1 to list the appartments that are available. The list will contain the name of the location, directions to get there from behind the bulletin board, and the method of getting your first room. Generally the quickest way is to select an area with an automated notation.

Now go to the area you selected and read the instructions posted there. For this example, we'll use the Underground Apts. - 12th Floor. The directions given are ( nexus, s, s, 12 ). You would do the command NEXUS followed by S then S again then by 12 . That'll take you to the 12 floor of the Underground appartments. For this example, we'll assume that room 1234 is vacant. To get that room you do the command CLAIM 1234 and it's yours. To enter your room, do the command 1234 .

Now that you're in your room, you must make it your home. To do that, do the command @LINK ME=HERE . Congradulations, you now have a new home.


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