Furry is the largest and longest standing MUCK on the Internet to date (note MUCK, not overall MU*). With a database well over the 100,000 item mark, and a regular nightly showing of 150+ players, it's an active social environment. The theme is generally centered around the roleplay of Anthropomorphics (the giving of humanlike qualities to non-human animals, 'Funny Animals', etc.), and therefore fits well within Furry Fandom; however, all who play with respect are welcome.

The High, Almighty Frequently Asked Questions of Furrydom.

Okay, I'm interested. How do I get connected?
Good question. Good thing Rhal decided to answer it. :)

How To Move Around FurryMUCK
Not sure how to get from Point A to Point B? Read this.

Wyn's Guide to FurryMUCK
If you've just started, and you've a quesion about the MUCK, chances are good that it's been answered here. Presented in a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy format.

Help for new MUCKers
The FurryMUCK MUF Guild and Helpstaff are there to answer any questions you might have. However, we suggest you look here first. Chances are, your question's already been answered.

List of MPI Macros (Stephen H. White)
A handy resource for MPI programmers.

Practical MPI Examples (Stephen H. White)
Don't know how to code MPI? This will save your skin! (Or is that "save your fur"?)

MUCK Globals List
A listing of many of the global commands on FurryMUCK. Like the news page, not updated as often as it is on the MUCK.

Using the Gen-Desc Program
Descriptions on FurryMUCK can be customized far more than most people realize. Here's how to do it.

How To Find A Home
Are you tired of sleeping under the bandstand yet?

Building Guidelines
Jordan Greywolf's building guidelines

City Hall Building Tutorial
A walk through City Hall.

WhiteFire's Lock Manager
Lock your exits the easy way.

Installing Quasi-Global Commands
How to add a new commands in your areas.

BoingDragon's Environment
Information about BoingDragon's environment room.

Riss's Zombie Tutorial
How to create a zombie.

BoingDragon's Vehicle Tutorial
How to create a vehicle.

FurryMUCK Public Programs
Programs you can use.