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Last change: October 31, 1994

1) Policies
   A) The archive hours and limits will be up to 30 user 24 hours per day.

   B) Upon logon and upon cd to any upload directory, a full set of
      policy statements will be displyed.  All policy statements and
      usage information will also be available for download in the
      "misc" directory.
      Policy statements displayed in this manner will be shortened
      versions of those available in the "misc" directory.

   C) Upon cd to any upload directory, a statement will be displayed
      indicating a brief set of questions that must be answered for each
      uploaded file.  These questions may be either emailed to "gifadm"
      or deposited via "put" or a similar mechanism.  This will all be
      fully documented.  The information required will consist of:
        - Upload File name
        - Uploader's email address
        - Artist or Author's name
        - Color Palette
        - Description
      The Description will be limited to two standard text lines, 160
      character positions.  The text file containing this information
      will have the same name as the upload file, but with the extension
      "txt" instead of the upload type extension, e.g.:
          gif, jpg, etc. - image files
          story          - stories
      Since the veracity of this information is subjective, the
      Moderators have the right to determine whether the upload will
      be accepted.

      Alternatively, uploads may be submitted in uuencoded format via
      email to "".  All normal upload policies
      (inlcuding the questionnaire) will be followed.  Uploads should be
      encouraged, however, to be through FTP.  That is, email submissions
      will have lower priority for attention from the Moderators, as the
      FTP archive is their primary concern.

   D) If an upload does not have an accompanying description file (see C
      above) then the file will be held for two weeks from date of upload.
      At some interval, lists of these files will be posted to and to FurryMuck for identification.  Images not
      identified in this manner will be removed.
      There is a bulletin board on FurryMUCK at the North Corner of the
      Park upon which such notices will be posted.

   E) Likewise, uploads without the proper copyright authorization will
      be removed.
      Uploads of Trademarked characters are not allowable without the
      authorization of the trademark holder.  For example, uploads,
      including "fan art" of characters from syndicated, animated
      television programs will not be accepted as downloadable images.
      In any case where the artist or author requests the upload to be
      removed, the upload will be removed as expediently as possible.
      It is not the intent of this site, nor the Moderators, to violate
      the rights of any artist, author or subject and thus we will
      comply as fast as possible with their wishes.

   F) The Moderators will have the right to remove any uploads
      considered, in our joint opinion, to be of a quality or nature
      unacceptable for this site.
      In order to arrive at a consensus, the file in question will
      remain in the "upload" directory and the moderator questioning it
      will immediately send email to the other moderators via the
      mailing list.  If there are no objections within two business
      days then the upload will be removed.  If there are objections, the
      case can be discussed.  Simple majority voting will suffice for
      procedure.  In all cases, the site administrator holds final

   G) Moderators will have access to a joint "gifadm" account.  As
      such, they will be required to agree to the following duties and

        1) Advise on the setup and maintenance of the directory
        2) Enforce the policies of the site
        3) Maintain the indicies
        4) Advise and help set policy for the archive
        5) Anything else that's necessary to keep this thing running
           (the old "and other duties as assigned" clause... :-)

        1) The site administrator (me) requires the following
           information from each person:
             a) Real Name
             b) Home and Business (if applicable) telephone number
	     c) US Mail Address
	     d) Email address (other than this site)
        2) Each moderator must share an equal load of duties with the
	   others, otherwise be removed.
        3) Moderators must observe all the common courtesy "rules" of
	   "responsible computing" or be removed (i.e. 1 strike, you're
        4) A moderator should make sure to communicate effectively with
	   his/her peers about activites relating to administration of
	   the archive (including vacations, resignations, etc.)

   H) Image sizes will be limited to a maximum of 650K, with special
      exceptions as deemed by the Moderators.  All other files
      (non-image) will be compressed (.Z).  Multiple file uploads such
      as Amiga animation files must be 'tar'ed or similarily archived in
      a publically-available format before compression.  Initially, the
      compression format will be standard Unix "compress" until
      modifications are made to ftpd to interact with gzip.

   I) A Master Index will be kept for each subdirectory of "pub/furry"
      (images, stories, utilities, multimedia, misc) which contains the
      following information for each file in it's subdirectory:
       - File name
       - Size (in bytes)
       - Image Dimensions (where applicable)
       - Description (Including Artist or Author) (maximum of 512 bytes)
       - Color
      The Master Index will be availble in several different sorting
       - By date uploaded
       - By Artist or Author
       - By size
       - By file name
      The indicies will be kept in their appropriate directories
      (images, stories, multimedia) as well as the "misc" directory.

2) Structure
   A) The physical layout will be:

                               { uploads
                  |            { downloads
                  |            { uploads
                  |            {-downloads-----| circle
                  +--utilities-| uploads
                  |            { uploads
                  |            { downloads
                  |            { clients
                  +--mud-------|               { guides
 		               { furrymuck-----|
                                               { info

   B) The directories have the following meaning:
       images - All images are kept here.  The "uploads" is not world
	      readable, but is world writable.  "downloads" is not world
              writable but is world readable.
              Within "downloads", the substructure will consist of 28
              directories, called "0", "new", "artists" and "a"-"z".
	      Files will be sorted alphabetically.  Files starting with
	      a non-alphabetic character will be stored in "0".  The
	      directory "new" will hold symbolic links to the last 7 days
	      worth of new downloadable images.  This directory will be
              automatically maintained.  The directory "artists" will
              contain subdirectories, one per artist, for those artists
              who have over 20 images downloadable.  These will be links
              to the image files in the "a-z" areas in order to reduce
              disk space requirements.  These subdirectories may further
              contain text files named "Disclaimer" and "Info" which may
              contain copyright and disclaimer information (the former)
              and contact or other artist information (the latter).
       stories - Like "gifs except that it contains the compressed text
	      anthro stories.  These can be uncompressed on the fly
	      through the ftpd (this should be explained in a "Using The
 	      Archive" document in the "misc" directory).  There is one
 	      subdirectory in the "downloads" directory.  This is the
 	      "circle" directory in which are contained the stories
 	      specificially from the "storyteller's circle" on
       utilities - Contains Public Domain binaries and source for image
              display/manipulation programs.  This includes freeware,
              shareware, and any other freely distributable software.
              Since the potential exists for this to become rather full,
              some files may eventually be replaced by a text file which
              refers the downloader to the appropriate archive site.
              The subdirectory "uploads" is as used for other
       misc - All usage and policy douments are available here.
	      Likewise, the master index is kept here.
              Treatises on "What is Furry" will be kept here as well
              for the edification of neophytes.
       multimedia - This is the compliment to the "images" directory
              structure.  It holds any "animation" files, such as GL and
              Amiga Animation, 3-D, sound files, etc.
       mud - This directory contains files specific to the use of MUDs,
 	      Mucks, MOOs, etc.  The subdirectory "clients" contains
 	      source software for client programs for any MU*.  The
 	      subdirectory "furrymuck" contains files specifically of
              interest to FurryMUCK.  The subdirectory "furrymuck/guides"
 	      contains text help guides for those using or programming
 	      on FurryMUCK.  The subdirectory "furrymuck/info" contains
 	      the same files as can be displayed with the "info" command
 	      on FurryMUCK.  The contents of that subdirectory are the
 	      responsbility of the FurryMUCK wizards to maintain.