FurryMUCK SM Adult Status Registration for Existing Characters Only

To register an existing character as adult, e-mail an age statement with your character name(s), real name, birthdate, and country or state in which you live. We will take this in good faith as a legal statement that you are of age.

Send e-mail statements to adult@muck.furry.com.  Please do not send requests for new
characters to this accress.  Please see Character Registration for requesting a new character.
Send snail-mail statements (include copy of driver's license or photo-ID)
to the following address:

   FM Registration
   P.O. Box 24523
   Huber Heights OH 45424
If there is reasonable ground to believe that your age statement is false, you
may be asked to send in a signed photocopy of photo-ID to verify your
birthdate.  You may be suspended until such verification has been received.
Please do not share your account with others who may not be of age!  If you
wish to transfer a character to someone else, tell us so we can record it.
Adult Status  adult@furrymuck.com

Sample request for adult status

Existing Character name - Jambles
email address           - myname@domain.com
Real name               - My Name 
Date of birth           - 06/31/80    <-- note format MM/DD/YY
Age                     - 25
Residence               - USA, My state    <-- Note if residence of USA
Residence               - My Country       <-- Note if not residence of USA

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