FurryMUCK SM Character Request FAQ

Why do you require an email address?

The character is registered to the owner of the email address that the request is received from. Please don't register a character for another or give away a character. Their actions can effect your status on FurryMUCK SM and even get you suspended. The registered owner of a character is responsable for all actions of that character even if it has been given away or loaned to another.

Why did you send me a form letter in reply?

We receive typically 10 to 30 requests a day. We have writen "form letter" that cover the common situtations. Do not expect a personalized reply to a character request. We will send a personalized reply when one of the "form letters" doesn't cover the situtation.

I was told that my character name was bad. Why?

Do check and see if a character name is available before you request it. This may be done by connecting as a guest and doing the command _ laston name _. We will not make up character names for you. Nor will we correct unallowable character names. Please understand that some names are reserved or protected for various reasons, so you may not be given a name of a character that has never connected or has not connected in a long time. On the other hand, if the character has not been active in a long time (usually 90 days or longer), we may give you that name if it's not protected. But in that case, we recommend that you include alternate names in the event that the name is protected.

Do read the rules for character names and passwords. Spaces are not allowed in character names and passwords. Most special keyboard characters can be used in the character name and password.

Character names are not case sensetive. Passwords are case sensitive.

Why do you have a problem with nicknames?

Please don't provide aliases, initials, or nicknames in place of your real name in requests. We do keep track of the information used to register a character with. And providing incorrect information in a request can cause problems in the future. Please see our privacy policy for information on how we use your information. Privacy Statement

How long does it take to get a character?

All requests are manually processed. Character requests are usually processed in 24 hours from receipt but may be delayed by inerference of real life. Yes, the wizards (administrators) do have a real life and their time available to process requests is effected by that. It may take longer on weekends or when the character creation wizard is not available. No, multiple requests for the same character do not speed up processing.

I sent in a character request days ago and I never got a reply. What happened?

Most likely it was never received. All emails, with the exception of spam mail or worm mails, receive a reply. We recommend you check the address that you sent the character request to. The correct email is join@furrymuck.com

The next most likely reason you didn't get a reply is that the reply to you bounced either because your mail box was full or the address didn't exist. We recommend that you check with your ISP for help. There is nothing we can do. We will only send a reply to the address in the email header.

An up and coming reason for a reply not getting to you is that your ISP is blocking emails from our domain, furrymuck.com. We will not send another email to an unblock address at your ISP or visit a web site to clear the block. Once again, we suggest that you contact your ISP for assistance.

Why isn't my new character an adult?

The most likely reasons in order of popularity are:

1. You didn't include all the information required for adult status. Eg. full name, date of birth, and state of residence if in the USA or otherwise the country.

2. Your real name in the request didn't agree with the name in the email header.

3. You're not at least 18 years old. In which case your character has been set as a minor. This will automatically change to adult on your 18th birthday.

Why wasn't my character created?

That's an open end question. Without more information there's no way to answer it. Please carefully read the reply that you received.


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Date: Feb. 20, 2012