FurryMUCK SM Getting Started

Getting Connected Basics

The basics of connecting to FurryMUCK SM.

The orginal how to connect instructions

The connection instruction file as writen by Rhal and later updated.

How to Find A home

What to do when you're tire of living under the bandstand or how to aviod the dreaded banstand purge.

Basic Building Methods

So you'd like to build a room of your own.

Common Globals Actions

A listing of those pesky global actions that make things easier to do. Or why didn't anyone tell me about this?

Practical MPI Examples

(Stephen H. White) Don't know how to code MPI? This will save your skin! (Or is that "save your fur"?) Updated.

List of Public Programs

A list of publicly available programs on FurryMUCK SM.

List of MPI Macros

MPI Macros are user writen extensions to the basic MPI functions. This is the list of publicly available MPI Macros.


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