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Furry is the longest standing MUCK on the Internet to date (note MUCK, not overall MU*). With a database near 200,000 item mark, and a regular nightly showing of 400+ players, it's an active social environment. The theme is generally centered around the roleplay of Anthropomorphics (the giving of humanlike qualities to non-human animals, 'Funny Animals', etc.), and therefore fits well within Furry Fandom; however, all who play with respect are welcome. All players of all ages are welcome. The current range of player's ages start at 13 and run to 60+.

This site is intended to be browser neutral. At the moment it is a basic text site with very limited graphics. After the information has been brought up to date, we'll work on making it pretty.

When internet service to FurryMUCK SM is interupted, this web site is down. Tugrik has established a Live Journal site that can be updated by many of the wizards to inform you of what's happening. FurryMUCK SM Status' Journal

FurryMUCK SM moved to its new physical home on May 14, 2004, and was back on line at 4:38 PM PDT. The DNS is still muck.furry.com and the IP is The ports will remain the same.

Trebuchet has been updated to work with the recent security patches for OS X and it's available at https://github.com/revarbat/trebuchet/releases . Also, there's new versions for the latest versions of Windows in both the 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems.

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FurryMUCK SM Status' Journal
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SM means Service Mark, which is a Rights mark for Services (as opposed to Trades, which therefore use Trade Marks). So, SM is the legal abbreviation (not "(SM)", not "sm") for Service Mark which asserts our contention that we own all rights to the name "FurryMUCK".

FurryMUCK SM is a service mark of Furry Enterprises. We have reserved this in order to prevent other sites and companies from taking the name for their own uses and creating confusion between our site and theirs.